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Dr Mark Crosby

Senior Pastor

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Rev Nathan Lott

Director of College & Student Ministry

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Trish Graves

Director of Children's & Preteen Min


Ila Clark

Mother's Day Out Administrator

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Austyn Chopin

Curriculum Coordinator

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Jim Otken


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Brandon & Erin Carraway

Worship Leaders

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Rev David Orges

Executive Pastor

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Rev Stephen Hebert

Associate Pastor of Care and Outreach


Faith Storck

Children's Ministry Assistant

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Chris Lascara

Facilities Director

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Kim Pamplin

Office Secretary

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Rev David Easley

Assistant Music Director

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Brittany Barnett

Children's Ministry Associate

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Rev Trent Barnett

Worship Pastor

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Rev Sam LoBello

Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries

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Linda Holdman

Administrative Assistant


Krist Norsworthy

Communications Coordinator

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Thanette Hunsberger

Office Secretary

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Danny Wilson

Audio Visual Engineer

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Jonathan Devillier

Maintenance Assistant

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