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For a Stronger, Healthier, Happier Family

This time is designed to answer questions commonly asked in both counseling and church settings. Our goal is to answer general questions from a Biblical Worldview through the lens of our collective years of experience and education, to help you, our listeners, have a stronger, healthier, and happier family This show is not a therapy session, and this is not specific advice to your situation. Mental health is a very serious issue. Family dynamics can be , and often are very complicated and dynamic. For in depth answers to your questions, we encourage you to seek professional counsel specific to your unique circumstances. We hope this episode of Family Answer Man will encouraged you and inspired you to make changes that will lead to a stronger, healthier and happier family.

Family Answer Man

Family Answer Man
Rebellion in the Family | Family Answer Man #44
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Conflict About the Transgender Movement | Family Answer Man #43
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Psychology of Atheism | Family Answer Man #42
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Affairs & Infidelity | Family Answer Man #41
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Doubting Your Faith | Family Answer Man #40
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Dealing with Anger | Family Answer Man #39
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Autism and Behavioral Issues | Family Answer Man #38
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Disciplining Children Correctly | Family Answer Man #37
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About Dr. Mark & David

Dr. Mark Crosby

- PhD Family Psychology - MS Clinical Counseling - MREd. Pastoral Counseling/Theology - MS Law w/ a focus in (Mediation) - Licensed Professional Counselor - Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Qualified Family/Divorce Mediator - Qualified Parenting Coordinator - Qualified Child and Family Forensics - Certified in Trauma Treatment - Certified in Integrative Medicine - Expert Witness Family Court of the 21st JDC in the State of Louisiana - Ordained in Southern Baptist Church - Consecrated in United Methodist Church - 35+ years in ministry

Rev. David Orges

- MA Professional Counseling - 18 Years in Ministry - Ordained in the Southern Baptist Church - Married 10+ years with 4 kids

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