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When Finances Flow

Updated: May 30, 2019

May. The end of school has come, and perhaps it's time for a vacation. Summer is almost here.

Rev. Billy Graham shared his thoughts in his ‘Giving’ entry on March 23rd of his daily devotional Unto The Hills. He wrote:

“The Bible teaches that blessings follow those who give liberally. Proverbs 11:25 says, “The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.”

I have heard countless testimonies from men and women who were afraid to prove God’s promise by tithing as commanded by Scripture for fear they would never have enough. Of course, they never did have “enough” because they did not tithe. Then, when at last they decided to obey God and give to Him the first tenth of all their income, they began to prosper and to prove for themselves what has been proved by everyone who has done it, that no one can outgive God.

Two things happen when we give. First, God wants to produce in us the attitude that what we have is not really ours. Everything we possess belongs to God.

Second, giving is a means by which we meet the needs of others whom God also loves. By giving to others we testify to God’s love for them. So giving becomes not only a means by which people’s needs are met; it also is a form of evangelism which allows us to tell of God’s greatest gift, His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will meet far more than their momentary physical needs.

Giving to God is a guaranteed investment with a certain return. Investment in God is a no-risk, always-profitable act that is not subject to the whims of the stock market or of economic uncertainties.

It has been said that our lives should resemble a channel, not a reservoir. A reservoir stores up water. A channel is constantly flowing. God wants us to be a channel of blessing to others. When we are, it is we who receive the greatest blessing of all.”

Be encouraged, trust God in all areas of your life, and ask Him for guidance in your tithes and offerings.

Jim Otken | Treasurer

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