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There I was, riding as a passenger in the back seat of my blue ’98 Honda Civic. We were half way into our ten and a half hour road trip to Gainesville, Florida. Louisiana Tech was playing the Florida Gators in the Swamp, and I was headed to paint up and support my team with 10 of my best, and craziest friends...

Louisiana Tech vs Florida - Gainesville Florida - September 10th, 2005

Naturally, I had driven the first leg of the trip, but tagged out so I could take a break. My buddy, Donald, was a great driver, but I started experiencing something I’d never felt before. My body temperature started rising. My head started spinning. There was a sick feeling, deep in my stomach, slowly rising up toward my throat. As a kid, I could never read a book while I was riding in a vehicle, but for the first time I was genuinely carsick... and a bit panicked.

If you've ever experienced that feeling, you know what I’m talking about. Thankfully, my friends noticed that I was green, sweaty, and looked like I was about to lose it. Dane switched out with me so I could ride shotgun and see where we were going. It wasn’t until I could see what was coming, where I was headed, and knew what to expect, that I was able to manage what I was experiencing. But that’s like so much of life isn’t it?

WHEN YOU CAN’T SEE THE ROAD AHEAD, IT’S REALLY EASY TO GET OVERWHELMED The twists and turns in the road can really get to you. It’s nice when you’re surrounded by people who know what to do, people that help you look ahead and know what to expect before that big swerve catches you off guard.

That’s exactly what parents do. As a parent, you’re in the unique position of knowing where things are headed. You're in the driver seat. Sure things jump out of nowhere and dash in front of the car. YOU’RE NEVER IN FULL CONTROL OF EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE, BUT YOU ARE IN THE BEST POSITION TO SET THE COURSE FOR YOUR FAMILY. To react. To respond. To Protect.

So, get your metaphorical “mom arm” ready... you know, the one that shoots out when there’s danger. The one stronger than a seatbelt and quicker than an airbag. But why? The month of May, and moving into the summer, can be equivalent to seeing a curvy road and deer crossing signs right next to each other! May can be chaos! We already know that May is packed full of transitions, twists, and turns. Graduations. Moving to new grades, and new schools. The end of the structure of the school schedule and the freedom of summer.

TRANSITIONS CAN BE EXCITING, BUT IF YOU’RE CAUGHT OFF GUARD, THEY CAN BE NAUSEATING. Transitions can cause anxiety: the carsickness of life.

But remember, you know what to expect. Not only can you see it all coming, you’ve traveled this road. You’re familiar with what’s ahead of them. Embrace your role as a scout, or a guide. You get to lead your kiddos on an incredible adventure as they explore and experience things in life for the first time.


Listen to His voice. Pass on His instruction. Be ready to swerve. And remember to warn your passengers.


Rev David Orges | Executive Pastor | Jesus Follower • Husband • Father of 3 • Saints Fan

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