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Serving With A Purpose

There are so many times when I look across our campus and notice projects that need to be started, or completed. Other times, I get so focused in a on a project that I lose sight of everything else around me. I can either get upset that there's not enough time in the day to complete all the potential projects while completing normal weekly duties, or I can focus in on one project to work on through each week. Many times, I find myself taking the frustrated route. I do find though, that when I take a more focused approach, projects get completed. One of the greatest joys about my job as the Maintenance Director is serving our church to the fullest extent.

There are plenty of moments in our lives that are full of distractions. We try to complete so many tasks at once that we forget to look at what’s important. The same goes for me in my daily life. I can very easily get caught up in all the things that need to be completed, and miss sight of why I am in the position I have at Live Oak.

My main focus is to serve Christ, the people of our church, and our community. In Luke 10, Jesus goes to the house of Martha and her sister Mary. Martha spends so much time preparing and serving that she never listens to what Jesus has to say or share. Her sister Mary, sits at the feet of Jesus and listens with great joy. Of course, Martha gets upset at Mary for not helping with the food preparations, but Jesus tells Martha to not be anxious and so consumed with the tasks around her, but instead look to Jesus and focus on him.

Jesus has given us a great example of what it means to serve,

but also, to not forget that He is the center of our service.

Without Jesus, our service becomes empty. My main focus, for myself and our volunteer, is that they will be fulfilled spiritually through their service, striving to have a heart like Mary, with a constant ear to Christ’s teachings. This is our main goal.

Chris Lacara | Maintenance Director

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Chris I find that like the Holy word says in Luke 10 and Matthew 9 "the harvest (work) is plentiful, but the laborers (help) is few". I know we are all busy but we need to ask ourselves if God was too busy for us where would we be? I encourage everyone to do something if it's small that's ok. If you can do more then that's ok as well. But remember we are servants of the King of Kings. Bloom where you are planted. Because He Lives

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